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An Urban Car Concept

CarsAudiUrban 1024x724 An Urban Car Concept

The Spyder by Audi.

Audi has designed a sleek, new urban concept car.

In Sportback and Spyder models, the ultra-light car, designed for “congested urban spaces”, has elements of a racing car, fun car and urban car.

The technical study of the car is being presented at the International Motor Show (IAA) in Frankfurt, Germany.

“The Audi urban concept is not based on any previous model – its development is solely oriented on the strict principles of lightweight construction, efficiency and reduction,” says the company.

“The result is a concept car with no unnecessary weight, and one that concentrates on the pure essence of sporty motion.”

The car has room for two people, with their positions slightly staggered and at a sporty, low level.

While the car’s driver can adjust the steering wheel and pedals for their body measurements.

Features of Audi’s urban concept car include:

  • Sleek cockpit made from CFRP, free-standing wheels with protective plates;
  • Elaborate suspension, compact electric drive system for sporty performance;
  •  1+1 seats;
  • Doors that open to the top on the Spyder;
  • Two e-tron electric motors and
  •  A lithium-ion battery.

Image courtesy of Audi.



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