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How Not To Be A Tourist

HowNotToBeATouristLondon1 How Not To Be A Tourist

How not to be a tourist in London.

Want a closer connection to the cities you travel?

Try the digital travel guide How not to be a tourist (HNTBAT), which is curated by local city experts. The guide gives an insiders’ perspective into “how to look, act and live like a local.”

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Living like a local in London.

So far, in conjunction with Roomorama, the site is live in London, New York and Singapore with three sections per city – LOOK, ACT, LIVE like locals.

LOOK gives seasonal suggestions on what to wear and how to wear it, with street-style photography of locals.

ACT and LIVE offer pointers on adopting the city lifestyle and snapshots inside locals’ homes.

Here are New York travel tips via HNTBAT:

LOOK: “A darker color palette of avant garde silhouettes in order to seamlessly blend in with the downtown chic.”

ACT: “DONT’S – taking a picture with The New York Stock Exchange’s ‘Raging Bull’ statue on Wall Street. DO’s – adding The Strokes’ track, “Machu Pichu” to your playlist while in New York.”

Following New York, London and Singapore, HNTBAT plans to expand its global digital travel guides to Melbourne and Paris.

Users can also comment, ‘like’, ‘dislike’, exchange and share their personal insider experience.  An upcoming ‘Ask a Local’ forum will give travelers a chance to ask local residents questions about their cities.

For more city travel tips, go to How not to be a tourist.

Images courtesy of Roomorama.



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