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Top 5 Gap Year Cities

CityRadissonBluHotelSydney Top 5 Gap Year Cities

Radisson Blu Hotel in Sydney. Photo credit: Radisson.

Planning a gap year (or gap snap)?  Then take a look at these urban destinations voted the best cities for a gap year.

A recent foreign cities survey of gap travelers by Real Gap Experience gave surprising results.

Some 900 “gappers” voted on the city which was the best place to go on a gap year or gap snap.

Here are the Top 5 Gap Year Cities via Real Gap Experiences:

1. Sydney, Australia

“With a whopping 50% of the vote, Sydney, Australia is a city that never disappoints. For years, Sydney has been a firm favorite on the gap year trail.”

2. Bangkok, Thailand

“As one of the original backpacker destinations, Thailand’s larger than life capital city keeps tempting travelers to visit its bustling streets.”

3. Buenos Aires, Argentina

“Argentina’s capital city attracts travelers with its two contrasts; a cosmopolitan metropolis mixed with classic traditions.”

4. Cape Town, South Africa

“South Africa continues to be a firm favorite with its ever changing landscapes, captivating wildlife and great value for money. The South African capital offers a profound level of diversity.”

5. Las Vegas, USA

“If you’re on a road trip across the USA, its one city that you wouldn’t want to miss. The bright lights of this city never stop shining and the mega resorts are standing ready to cater for its visitors every whim.”





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