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Travel Wardrobe by Vanessa Knox. Photo credit: Vanessa Knox.

Do travel clothes make the traveler?  Whatever the case, a smart travel wardrobe can help you travel light and in style.

If you’re a woman updating your travel wardrobe and need fashion inspiration, look to the Travel Wardrobe by London-based fashion designer Vanessa Knox.

Knox’s smart, savvy designs have become the “ultimate go-to wardrobe for stylish women travelers.”

Designed for “traveling in comfort” and “arriving in style”, the versatile travel wardrobe is made from functional fabrics like quality jersey.

The Travel Wardrobe by Vanessa Knox consists of 6 pieces of clothing which create 13 different outfits:

  • reversible Olivia maxi skirt in double/sided/two color jerseys;
  • reversible Lauren dress in double sided/two color jerseys;
  • Faye top can be off-the-shoulder or a cowl neck and
  • The bodycon Marlene can be a jacket, sweater or top.

For design and shopping info, visit the Vanessa Knox site.



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