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Travel Safety Alarms

CityDoorWedgeAlarm 1024x682 Travel Safety Alarms

ila WEDGE door alarm.  Photo credit: ila Security.

Global city travelers always think about their personal safety.

We’re big fans of travel safety accessories especially alarms like the ila WEDGE door alarm by ila Security available at

Named after ila, the Hindu Goddess of Speech, ila Security has designed several stylish travel safety alarms.

These alarms essentially scream for their user whether to shock and disorientate a potential attacker or attract attention.

The small and powerful ila Security’s alarms sound off 130 decibels when activated.

Here are ila’s travel safety alarm options:

  • ila DUSK: A charm that hangs from a handbag or backpack with a chain which is pulled out and emits a woman’s scream.
  • ila PEBBLE: A key-ring alarm that is on hand close to home or vehicle.
  • ila SPORT: A pedometer, calorie counter and personal alarm which is clipped to sports clothing.
  •  ila WEDGE: (above) A door alarm that is placed on the floor against the inside of a door.

For more info on travel safety alarms, visit the ila Security site.




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