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CityVintageMap1 1024x893 City Travel + DesignVintage World Map wallpaper. Photo credit:

Travel can inspire your home design and style.

Take this Vintage World Map wallpaper (above) available through  This digitally printed, large format wallpaper is circa 1945 so it can’t be used for travel planning today.

CityHomeWallpaperVintageAtlas 1024x853 City Travel + DesignVintage Atlas wallpaper. Photo credit:

Or there’s the Vintage Atlas wallpaper (above) also available online, from

The wallpaper company offers the vintage map and atlas wallpapers in bespoke, printed-to-fit sizes.

CityTravelDesignWallpaperKewGardens City Travel + Design

Vintage panoramic Kew Gardens wallpaper. Photo credit:

If you fancy British travel and style, you might like this vintage panoramic Kew Gardens wallpaper which is preserved since the 1920′s.

This wallpaper, designed for large rooms and block printed by Sanderson using 134 blocks, is available through Georgia Horton.

The vintage panoramic wallpaper collection also includes Hyde Park, Scottish Highlands, Woodland and two chinoiserie sets; Oriental Garden, Magnolia and Sung.


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