A Marseille Holiday

CityBoutiqueHomesview of marseille 1024x667 A Marseille Holiday

View of Marseille, France. Photo credit: Boutique-Homes.com.

Mariana McConnell wrote this guest post on Marseille rentals.  She is a writer and travel lover currently scouring the globe for cool vacation rentals and small hotels on behalf of Boutique-Homes.com.

Marseille may be the second largest city in France, but it doesn’t get nearly as much love as Paris or nearby Avignon.

The city is emerging though as a hotspot for sophisticated travelers.

It’s easy to see why: Marseille is stunning.  Right on the waterfront, the city is full of small streets, colorful markets, chic shopping destinations, refurbished avenues, and lovely theaters to explore (and one of the best soccer teams in Europe).

CityBoutiqueHomesport of marseille 1024x768 A Marseille Holiday

Port of Marseille. Photo credit: Boutique-Homes.com.

The best way to experience Marseille is to stay in a small hotel or modern vacation rental.

Fortunately, Marseille has quite a few, all of which reflect the stylish and eclectic nature of this city by the sea.

Here are a few of our favorite apartments and houses for rent in Marseille from Boutique-Homes.com.

CityBoutiqueHomesterrase du port marseille A Marseille Holiday

Terrase du Port

Clean and minimalist, this top floor apartment offers incredible views of Notre Dame de la Garde, the sparkling golden spire atop the church in the heart of Marseille.

CityBoutiqueHomesMarseille Oceanfront A Marseille Holiday

Marseille Oceanfront

This is a waterfront city, so why not stay in a waterfront apartment? This is a two-story apartment that accommodates up to 4 people. An 180 sq. foot terrace is the perfect place to watch the sun go down over the Mediterranean.

CityBoutiqueHomesle corbusier apartment A Marseille Holiday

Classic Corbusier

Here’s a real treat for design lovers: a studio apartment designed by Charles Edouard Jeanneret, better known as Le Corbusier. The strong lines, built in shelving, and bright colors are pure Corbusier. It’s a wonderful opportunity to live classic design.

CityBoutiqueHomescabanon marseillais A Marseille Holiday

Cabanon Marseillais

For those who want to stay a little outside of the city, Cabanon Marseillais is an affordable  two-story house that’s full of character and fun details. It’s a good choice for families traveling with children. Bonus: it’s located within walking distance of the sea.

 All photos courtesy of Boutique-Homes.com.




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