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London. Photo credit:

How English are London homes in 2012?  That’s the question posed by the At Home with the World exhibition coming up at The Geffrye Museum in London.

From March 20 to September 9, 2012, the exhibition will tell the story of how domestic designs, decorations, materials and social customs in English homes originate from elsewhere.

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Large circular earthenware dish designed by William de Morgan between 1888 and 1911. Photo credit: The Geffrye Museum.

At Home with the World is part of the Stories of the World: London series of city exhibitions which are exploring four aspects of life in London – Home, Identity, Journeys and Place.

The exhibition explores the cosmopolitan nature of London homes over the past 400 years and how cultural exchange has shaped living spaces and the value and meanings of ‘home’.

Says the museum:

From Chinese porcelain and the great craze for ‘taking tea’ in the 18th century, to the use of Islamic and Indian patterns in the 19th century, the popularity of Scandinavian and American design in the 20th century and the globalism of the 21st century, we will show that homes in England have been shaped by many diverse cultures – and may not be so English after all!

The Geffrye Museum

Kingsland Road,

London, UK

E2 8EA



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