5 City Destinations

CityHG2Stack 1024x778 5 City Destinations

Hg2′s A Hedonist’s Guides.  Photo credit: Hg2.

Happy New Year! What are the global city hot spots for this coming year?

Luxury city guide company Hg2 shares its predictions of what city destinations will be hip and happening this year.

Here are 5 City Hot Spots For 2012:

1. Toronto, Canada. “Thanks to the attendance of indie heartthrobs like Ryan Gosling, the city’s annual Toronto International Film Festival generated Hollywood buzz. Along with the launch of a Shangri-La and Trump Tower, we have high-expectations from this low-key city for 2012.”

2. Bogota, Colombia. “Foreigners are starting to take notice of the capital’s rich cultural offerings, mouth-watering foods and lively party scene. Bogota has all the trappings of any big city and the flair of a small Latin town – skyscrapers and world-class architecture sit alongside colorful colonial houses.”

3. New Orleans, USA. “Many travelers know of the city thanks to the city’s annual Mardi Gras Festival. Now bigger and bolder than ever, New Orleans is back with a bang, reinstating itself as the favorite city of the Deep South.”

4. Almaty, Kazakhstan. “Seasoned nomads and jaded tourists; this one is for you. Nestled in the foothills of the Zailiyski Alatau Mountains, head to Almaty in the summer when the tree-lined streets are perfect for wandering through the city’s cafes, shops, bars and historical landmarks.”

5. Johannesburg, South Africa. “Beyond the violent façade, people beyond the border are starting to take notice of the city’s urban edge and gritty-cool party scene, even receiving the seal of ‘cool city’ approval by the opening of a number of independent boutique hotels like the Ilali.”




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