An Accessible Tour Of Rome

TGRomeEURItalianStateTouristBoard An Accessible Tour Of Rome

EUR, Rome. Photo credit: Italian State Tourist Board.

Disabled traveler?  If you’re planning a trip to Italy, look about how you can rent Rome apartments and all the services available to travelers.

One of the latest accessible services is the trekking wheelchair from Rome and Italy Tourist Services.

An Italy travel specialist, the company offers guided multilingual tours and excursions for the disabled, airport assistance, and pre-reserved tickets to museums and archeological sites.

LTCRomeColiseumRome An Accessible Tour Of Rome

Coliseum, Rome. Photo credit: Italian State Tourist Board.

This wheelchair is designed to enable disabled travelers to view all of Italy’s archeological sites regardless of the ground surface.

The wheelchair uses a seat and frame with one wheel and two arms in the front and back which support the chair when it isn’t moving. This design allows for movement up or down hills and rolling and carrying by two trained guides.

A 360° degree maneuverability around obstacles (stones, holes, and steps) and shock absorbers assists visitors in navigating Italy’s ancient streets and steps.

Rome and Italy Tourist Services says popular sites like the Roman Forum and Pompeii were previously off-limit to disabled travelers.

This trekking wheelchair is available to travelers 365 days a year.  It can be rented for a single excursion and includes a guide and two assistants to carry the chair.

For more info and booking the trekking chair, visit Rome and Italy Tourist Services online.

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