Taking A Seat

LTCOngoErgonomic 1024x681 Taking A Seat

Ergonomic + design cool: Germany’s ONGO seat. Photo credit: Ergonomics Now.

Want to take a cool seat at home?  Then take home Germany’s ONGO seat now available at Ergonomics Now and other retailers.

Ergonomics Now is a provider of ergonomic, well-being and functional furniture in Australia.

The ONGO Seat fulfils the demands of ergonomic functionality and good design, says the design retailer.

Modern living means mobility, change and acceleration. Everything around us is in motion,” says ONGO.

“The only thing that stays in place is us – and increasingly, our society is becoming a seated one, with far-reaching health consequences.”

Enabling an active, ergonomic sitting posture, ONGO was designed to prevent a build-up of tension, strengthen back muscles and improve body posture.

The ONGO Seat has a special innovation: ball track integrated into its convex base. The base and ball in the track allows the stool to follow every movement of the user.

“Sitting on an ONGO Seat can even go as far as to provide a specific and effective back workout which can easily be playfully integrated in the daily routine with no loss of time ­at the office, gym and at home,” says Ergonomics Now.

For more info, go to the ONGO site.


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