Top 5 Reasons To Visit Berlin

LTCBerlin Wall Top 5 Reasons To Visit Berlin

Berlin Wall. Photo credit:

Rosie Coker, from, wrote this guest post on Berlin.

After leaving New Zealand, Coker traveled the world and ended up living happily in Berlin. She started her blog TravelGlam to document all the new and cool things that cross her path in Berlin.

Since the fall of the Wall 20 short years ago, Berlin has been growing, discovering and developing into a city full of life and adventure.

Artists and creative brains are drawn to the openness of Berlin and have helped shaped it into the liberal, vibrant place it is today.

LTCBrandenburger Tor Top 5 Reasons To Visit Berlin

Brandenburg Gate. Photo credit:

There are many, many reasons to head to the city, here are the Top 5 Reasons To Visit Berlin:

1. History:

From the moment you step foot in Berlin, you are surrounded with grand buildings, captivating stories and impressive monuments. There is never a shortage of sights, museums or structures to visit and it is the perfect way to gain a feel of Berlin’s turbulent past. The East Side Gallery, Brandenburg Gate and Jewish Memorial are among the most compelling of them all.

2. Culture:

Artists, musicians, designers and travelers have been flocking to Berlin over the years, creating a city bursting at the seams with ideas, inspiration and character. Berlin is forever changing as people come and go, making every visit different from the last. Street art, small galleries, outdoor karaoke, beautiful museums and temporary pop up stores are only but a few of the ways to immerse yourself into the bubbling Berlin culture.

3. Price:

Even in the height of summer, Berlin is one of the cheapest cities in Western Europe. Meals will cost you a third of the price of a meal in Paris, rent is inexpensive and if you have yourself a bicycle, transportation around the ultra-flat city is free! If the weather is having a bad day, there are great value Berlin cards and day tickets to help you get around.

4. Music:

Berlin has built a name for itself in the clubbing world. There are clubs open every night of the week and during the weekends some open on Friday night and party through until Monday morning. Berlin clubs also attract top DJs from around the world, making sure the good sounds never end. Throughout the year there is also a high frequency of live acts of famous and up-and-coming bands. Tickets are relatively cheap, venues are normally eccentric and the crowd is full of passionate fans.

5. Outdoors:

Not many capital cities can boast the high number of parks, canals and greenery as Berlin can. When the weather is fine, you can find locals filling the parks with barbeques, floating lazily along canals and rummaging through outdoor flea markets. Templehof Airport, an unused airport is one of the most popular locations where people zoom up and down the runways on anything with wheels.




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