5 Public Transport Tips For London

LTCMindYourManners 5 Public Transport Tips For London

Culture Savvy For Women: A Complete Guide To Culturally Correct Behavior Around The World by Victoria Ugarte. Photo credit: Explore My World Travel.

Heading to London for the first time? If you’ll be taking public transport in London, then you’ll want to be culturally savvy taking the city’s Tube, train and buses.

Based in Sydney, Victoria Ugarte, author of Culture Savvy For Women, specializes in travel and culturally correct behavior.

“Whatever city in the world you’re in, adhering to local customs is the key to traveling sensitively, responsibly, safely,” says Ugarte.

“It’s important for overseas visitors to remember that the English have a preoccupation with maintaining and respecting personal space, and this certainly extends to public transport. ”

Here are 5 Public Transport Tips For London:

  •  Cell Phones: “Turn your cell phone off when you’re on the Tube, train or bus.”
  • Eye Contact: “The custom of avoiding eye contact on public transport is a way of respecting personal space. Avoid staring or trying to make eye contact, as you will only be encroaching on someone’s personal space.”
  • Backpacks: “Hold your backpack in front of you while traveling on public transport, especially when services are particularly crowded.”
  • Tickets: “Have your ticket ready on entrance and exit.”
  • Escalators: “Don’t stop and stand at the bottom of the escalator to check your map or look for the correct platform. Step away to the side and left.”

For more info, visit ExploreMyWorldTravel.com.

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