Secret London App

LTCSecretLondon 548x1024 Secret London App

Secret London iPhone app. Photo credit: Jonglez Publishing.

Secret London – An unusual guide is now available as an iPhone app from Jonglez Publishing.

What are some highlights of “Secret London”? Jonglez Publishing shares these:

  • Seeing handlebar mustaches;
  • Going to the dog cemetery in Hyde Park;
  • Visiting a masonic temple;
  • Taking a trapeze lesson;
  • Praying in a floating church;
  • Sailing on a disused reservoir;
  • Seeing a sacred penis of a pharaoh;
  • Playing a game on the City’s last bowling green;
  • Looking at a cucumber straightener and
  • Stargazing at Greenwich Observatory.

“Far from the crowds and the usual clichés, London still reserves any number of hidden treasures for those who know how to wander off-the-beaten track,” says Jonglez Publishing.

Find out more about the Secret London guide + app at

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